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Coordination Services by Heavenly Creation Florist & Decor

Want to actually enjoy your wedding day?! We have been specializing in event services since 2000, providing knowledge and experience to ensure a stress-free wedding day. Let us help you with any issues or just for that peace of mind knowing that someone is there in the background making sure everything is perfect. We are a weddings “insurance policy”! After months planning every aspect of your wedding, and tens of thousands of dollars don’t leave the execution of your final details to chance. You are the bride and should be carrying a bouquet, not a clipboard! On the day of the wedding we are on site to ensure everything goes smoothly. Depending on the wedding, this might include:the set up of decor, vendor coordination, distributing programs, arranging the ceremony processional, or keeping you on track of your timeline. The coordinator is there to handle and experience in tackling any unforeseen challenges so that you, your groom, parents, family and friends can relax and enjoy the special day!. "Do you want to truly savor every moment of your wedding day?  With two decades of experience in event services since 2000, we offer the expertise and assurance you need to ensure a stress-free wedding day.  Let us take care of any potential issues or simply provide you with the peace of mind that someone is discreetly orchestrating a flawless day in the background.  Think of us as your weddings 'insurance policy.'
After months of meticulous planning and investing substantial resources in every aspect of your wedding, you don't want to leave the execution of those final details to chance.  On your special day, you should be the radiant bide carrying a bouquet, not a frazzled clipboard-wielding coordinator.  Our team is on-site to ensure that everything unfolds seamlessly.  Depending on your wedding's unique requirements, this may encompass decor setup, coordinating with vendors, program distribution, arranging the ceremony processional, or keeping your timeline on track.  Our experienced coordinator is there to handle any unforeseen  challenges so that you, your groom, parents, family, and friends can relax and relish in the joy of your special day."

Day of Coordination

Your weddings insurance policy for around 2% of the cost of your wedding! This package is created for the bride and groom that have done all the work, planned all the details and want to relax and enjoy their wedding. This is it. The wedding day has arrived. All your stresses and hard work are becoming a reality. Relax and enjoy your special day and let Heavenly Creation Planners handle the details. We will meet with you at the venue and coordinate your wedding day. Heavenly Creation Planners will provide one Senior Wedding Coordinator and assistant on-site to handle set up and coordination of venue, vendor and guest relations. Includes.

  • Ongoing and unlimited communication/support via phone & email.
  • Assistance in preparation of personalized wedding day documents
  • Review of your wedding vendor contracts.
  • Confirm vendor time commitment and contract fulfillments.
  • Provide vendors with timeline.
  • Set up of items to be set up on wedding day such as: candles, guest book, favors, toasting glasses, escort/place cards, etc.
  • Coordinating/Assisting the ceremony and reception.
  • Distributing final payments / gratuities to all vendors in sealed envelopes.
  • Overseeing proper set-up of ceremony and reception locations, and wedding professionals’ responsibilities to ensure details are properly executed as planned.
  • Assisting with distribution of all corsages, boutonnieres, wedding flowers and flower baskets.
  • Ensuring proper placement of seating cards, table numbers, wedding favors, programs, etc.
  • Greeting your guests and directing them to ceremony, cocktail, and reception areas.
  • Lining up wedding party for processional. Ensuring musicians are on correct pace and timing as per timeline.
  • Ensuring your music entertainment is prepared for your entrance and has correct pronunciation of the members of your bridal party.
  • MOST importantly, ensuring the bride and groom are guests, and are having an amazing time at their reception!


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